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At Endeavor, we’re committed to placing you with a tutor who can inspire and motivate you, and whose explanations click. In other words, we want to make sure that your tutor is a “fit” because we want your time with Endeavor to be both extremely effective and deeply rewarding.

We make an extraordinary effort to find and to train the best-qualified, most effective tutors and advisors in every subject, for every exam, for every educational step our students take.

Our tutors include graduate students, medical school students and recent college graduates from our nation’s most prestigious universities, including Columbia, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, and Georgetown.

They are adept communicators who specialize in explanations that make sense to you. Young, dynamic, and approachable our tutors are, above all, selected for their exceptional ability to translate their own academic successes into dramatic improvements for each of their students.

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David Belanich, Principal

The quest for knowledge regarding the enduring questions of humanity defines David both as a person and as an aspiring scholar and teacher.  Recognizing that each student learns differently, David aims to ignite the curiosity of every one of his tutees and particularly enjoys the challenge of figuring out how to tailor material most effectively to the circumstances and individuality of each of his students. This personal appreciation is at work whenever he pairs Endeavor tutees with Endeavor tutors.

David started his education at Chaminade High School on Long Island. A Phi Beta Kappa who graduated summa cum laude from Middlebury College in 2005, David spent the year following graduation studying under the renowned French philosopher Pierre Manent, before deciding to continue his pursuit of the enduring questions at Yale, where he is a PhD student in the Department of Political Science.
David’s investigation of the eternal questions is conducted for its own sake.  More than an intellectual interest, this search betokens his personal passion.  David entered Yale, so as to educate this passion as a student, so as to eventually educate students with it.

David's other interests include politics, international affairs, cooking with friends, and skiing. He is a lover of old Black & White movies, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Botany.

David tutors: English, Literature, French, and History subject areas, as well as their associated SAT Subject tests. David is also a consultant for high school, college, and graduate school admissions.

Lev D. Brie, Principal

Before Endeavor, Lev’s independent tutoring and graduate research experience led him to the conclusion that the single most important factor in determining how a student will perform in school is the teacher’s ability to connect with his or her students. Lev joined together with his partners to form Endeavor in order to cultivate an educational environment that stresses individual learning styles and creativity.

When he tutors, Lev focuses primarily on struggling students with special circumstances and students with exceptional projects and ideas. What makes Lev most excited is the opportunity to turn a student’s education, and life, around. He has worked with student-athletes in danger of failing out of school, overachievers in pursuit of national recognition, and students for whom the textbook approach to class and test preparation simply wasn’t working.

Today, Lev spends much of his tutoring energy cultivating teaching talent, making sure that each Endeavor student finds the tutor who is just right for him or her, and facilitating projects for Endeavor’s American Scholar’s Program1.

Lev spent his college years at Stanford and Columbia, holds a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia, a Master's Degree from the École des Hautes Études in Paris, and is currently pursuing a joint Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Philosophy at the University of Chicago.

Lev tutors: English, Math, French, and History subject areas, as well as their associated AP exams and SAT Subject Tests. He also tutors the SATs and consults on high school, college, and graduate admissions.

Geoffrey M. Barrows, Tutor

Geoffrey tutors mainly Mathematics and Economics at the high school and college level for Endeavor. Despite the view of some that quantitative reasoning simply eludes certain people, Geoffrey believes that any student can excel in this area with the proper coaching and support. Geoffrey hopes to instill the confidence in his students that they CAN DO MATH!

Geoffrey holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics and an MA in Philosophy from Columbia University, and is currently studying graduate-level Mathematics at NYU's Courant Institute and applying for a PhD in Economics. Geoffrey also worked after college at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York conducting economics research for the International Research Function.

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