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Endeavor Tutors are the finest in New York Tutoring. Young, dynamic, and approachable our tutors are selected for their exceptional ability to translate their own academic successes into dramatic improvements for you.

We train the most qualified and effective New York and Long Island tutors in every subject, for every exam, for every educational step our students take.

Our tutors range from current PhD. candidates and medical school students to recent graduates from our nation’s most prestigious undergraduate institutions such as Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Dartmouth.

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David Belanich, Tutor

Currently on leave from his PhD. studies in political science at Yale University, David joined the Endeavor team to use his passion for teaching to help his tutees thrive.

David started his education at Chaminade High School on Long Island. A Phi Beta Kappa who graduated summa cum laude from Middlebury College in 2005, David spent the year following graduation studying in Paris under the renowned French philosopher Pierre Manent, before deciding to continue his education in political philosophy at Yale.

David's other interests include investing, international affairs, and skiing. He is a lover of old Black & White movies, Botany, and all things Alexis de Tocqueville.

David specializes in: AP English Language tutoring, AP English Literature tutoring, AP Comparative Government and Politics tutoring, AP Government & Politics tutoring, and French tutoring, including French SAT Subject Test tutoring.

Lev D. Brie, Tutor

Before Endeavor, Lev’s independent tutoring and graduate research experience led him to the conclusion that the single most important factor in determining how a student will perform in school is the teacher’s ability to connect with his or her students. Lev joined together with his partners to form Endeavor in order to cultivate an educational environment that stresses individual learning styles and creativity.

When he tutors, Lev focuses primarily on struggling students with special circumstances and students with exceptional projects and ideas. What makes Lev most excited is the opportunity to turn a student’s education, and life, around. He has worked with student-athletes in danger of failing out of school, overachievers in pursuit of national recognition, and students for whom the textbook approach to class and test preparation simply wasn’t working.

Today, Lev spends much of his tutoring energy cultivating teaching talent, making sure that each Endeavor student finds the tutor who is just right for him or her, and facilitating projects for Endeavor’s American Scholar’s Program.

Lev spent his college years at Stanford and Columbia, holds a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia, a Master's Degree from the École des Hautes Études in Paris, and is currently pursuing a joint Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Philosophy at the University of Chicago.

Lev specializes in: AP English Language tutoring, AP English Literature tutoring, AP French tutoring, AP Biology tutoring and AP American History tutoring, including the academic subject tutoring of all the above.

Adam Belanich, Tutor

Adam believes that an education is the greatest luxury and most precious right. It not only expands ones intellectual breadth, it also affects the way in which their day-to-day lives are lived. A well educated individual not only has more opportunities, but also finds opportunities where others do not.

When tutoring, Adam believes in a holistic approach. An understanding of individual facts may allow someone to pass a test. But an understanding of how facts interrelate and why sharpens the critical capacities and creates a firm basis for future knowledge.

Adam began his education at Loyola School (class of 2004). He then attended Dartmouth College, where he studied philosophy (focusing on moral philosophy in particular) and Studio art (focusing on Digital Printmaking and Mass Art). He graduated Cum Laude with additional Honors for his thesis in the Studio art Department. Adam began working for Dartmouth as a faculty member five days after graduation. He abbreviated his time there to found Endeavor Tutoring and Test Preparation.

Adam specializes in: AP Studio Art tutoring, AP Biology tutoring, AP American History tutoring, as well as the associated New York academic subject tutoring of all the above.

Christin Holzer, Tutor

Christin enjoys tutoring all subjects, with a special interest in mathematics and science. She earned a B.S.E. in Civil Engineering and Architecture from Princeton University, graduating magna cum laude in 2007. With an Engineering background, Christin is great at giving real-world examples for hard problems that enable students to grasp difficult material. Christin likes to work with students who are struggling with the deep understanding of principles in math and science. She believes that thorough understanding of these principles will give her students the keys to their success.

Outside of tutoring, Christin has an appreciation for architecture and design as well as travel, the study of language, and modern art. After graduating from Princeton, Christin worked for a year and a half in Shanghai, China as an Architect. Since her return to the US in January, she has started, and is now running, her own clothing design company.

Geoffrey M. Barrows, Tutor

Geoffrey tutors mainly Mathematics and Economics at the high school and college level for Endeavor. Despite the view of some that quantitative reasoning simply eludes certain people, Geoffrey believes that any student can excel in this area with the proper coaching and support. Geoffrey hopes to instill the confidence in his students that they CAN DO MATH!

Geoffrey holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics and an MA in Philosophy from Columbia University, and is currently studying graduate-level Mathematics at NYU's Courant Institute and applying for a PhD in Economics. Geoffrey also worked after college at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York conducting economics research for the International Research Function.

Erin McClellan, Tutor

Erin is currently a second-year medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She has interests in internal medicine, neurology, and preventive medicine, although she is yet undecided on her specialty training.

Erin graduated Magna Cum Laude with Pi Beta Kappa honors from Duke University in Durham, NC with a major in biology with a concentration in neuroscience. This major required in-depth study of physics, chemistry, math, and psychology. During her time at Duke, she completed a thesis in behavioral science and psychiatry. She also spent time at the NIH studying cognitive neuroscience using MRI technology. She took one year off to volunteer at a clinic for underserved patients in Manhattan before beginning her medical studies.

Erin has experience teaching high school and college students in science and she has also worked as a practice SAT essay grader for three years.

Erin enjoys long-distance running, hiking, ceramics, live music, and traveling.

Heidi Shira Tannenbaum, Tutor

Heidi is an English tutor, specializing in writing. She joined the Endeavor team after she returned from Paris where she worked as an Editorial Assistant, and tutored at the American School of Paris. What Heidi likes most about tutoring is helping her students discover that required reading can actually be enjoyable! She also believes that writing papers does not have to be a tortuous task, but rather a chance for students to voice their ideas.

Heidi holds a B.A. in English from Vassar College. She has worked as a teacher, a tutor, and an editor for the past several years. Currently, she is on the Editorial Board for the PEN America Journal and applying for a Masters of Fine Arts.

Anna Sian, Tutor

Anna Sian believes that language is an art and a craft that, when honed to match its greatest potential, can serve as an powerful tool in this world. Born and raised in New York City, Anna attended Hunter College Elementary and High School. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College while pursuing spoken word poetry and photography as extracurricular passions.

Having been an active participant in the slam poetry scene throughout high school and college, Anna has graced the stages of the Bowery Poetry Club, the Nuyorican Poets' Cafe, and Urbana at CBGB's as a spoken word/performance poet. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her writing and photography, and has had a solo exhibition at the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side of NYC.

Anna currently holds the title of Associate Editor at Picture Magazine, a bi-monthly photo industry publication that has been in circulation for over 15 years. On weekends, Anna is a Teaching Assistant at the International Center of Photography and is a freelance photojournalist. Anna has taught various writing workshops and enjoys helping students use language effectively to showcase and harness personal voice.

Adam Katz, Tutor

Adam was brought up to think of education not only as a path to goodness and excellence, but as an end in itself.

As a 2-year-old, he began writing books about dinosaurs, and his interest in literature has only increased. A graduate of Great Neck North High School (Class of 2004) and Columbia College (2008), he is now a contributing editor at The South Wing, an online publication of articles, essays, poetry, pictures, and stories (

When tutoring, Adam strives to create a balance between the initial excitement students get from encountering new material and the patient leg-work that leads to mastery.

Besides reading and writing, Adam is interested in portraiture; music, particularly songwriting; cooking, particularly experimenting with familiar ingredients; and biology.

Joshua Gordon, Tutor

Joshua Gordon is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Columbia University. Before returning to grad school, he worked as an engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in the SF Bay area. His undergraduate degree is likewise from Columbia, with honors.

Jenny Lin, Tutor

Jenny loves tutoring science and believes that an inspired education can be tremendously fun. She attended Stuyvesant High School (Class of 2004), where she became Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, The Spectator, and developed a taste for mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. She graduated from Harvard College in 2008 with an honors degree in Biochemical Sciences and Statistics. Jenny looks forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

Annie Abrams, Tutor

Annie Abrams received her BA in English, with a minor in Jewish Studies, from Vassar College in 2006. Currently on leave from UCSB's doctoral program in English literature, Annie is pursuing an MLS at Queens College. She was recently recognized by the UCSB English Department as an Outstanding Teaching Assistant for AY 2008-2009. She looks forward sharing her enthusiasm for the written word with you as she guides you towards becoming a better reader, writer and critical thinker.

Will Fulton, Tutor

Will has always been something of a polymath.  He holds an AB in Comparative Literature from The University of Chicago , but spent his first year majoring in theoretical Physics and most of his time there in Classics.  He is currently working as a freelance theater director in New York and applying for an MFA in Directing so that he can teach on a collegiate level in addition to directing.

As a tutor Will specializes in English and Latin.  He believes that understanding the underlying structures at play, rather than just memorizing rote facts, is the key to effective learning in any given subject, and makes one smarter in all subjects.  He also believes that, if all goes well, learning is really fun.

Michelle L. Cronin, Tutor

Michelle is a proud graduate of Harvard University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree from the Visual and Environmental Studies Department’s film studies track and minored in French and psychology. At Harvard, she wrote for campus publications including The Harvard Crimson and Cinematic, served as a peer counselor, and participated in numerous student productions. She has also completed coursework at Tufts University and in Paris, France at Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3.

Michelle loves tutoring and looks forward to sharing her love of learning with others. She specializes in the French and Literature SAT Subject Tests as well as in academic English and writing courses.

Trevor Vaz, Tutor

Trevor is currently a third-year undergraduate student at Columbia University, where he studies Creative Writing and Philosophy. His belief that no two minds are alike sparked his interest in Endeavor's highly individualized approach. In the future, he plans to apply for a Masters of Fine Arts and teach high school English/Creative Writing.

Trevor is also an avid musician. He dedicates his time away from college to writing and recording songs with his band, Movement. His interest in the arts often overlaps with his interest in academia, making him a versatile tutor. He specializes in English, History and the SAT, but, if you want, he will teach you how to play guitar!

Joseph Pawlowski, Tutor

Joseph is a pre-medical student currently applying to medical school. His academic interests are broad, mostly rooted in the physical sciences.

Joseph graduated summa cum laude with Phi Beta Kappa honors from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. He holds a B.S. in mathematics with minors in biology and chemistry. He spent this past year conducting bio-mathematics research overseas in Rome, Italy as a Fulbright Scholar where he worked with a team of biologists and mathematicians to mathematically model nuclear import of microtubule associated proteins.

Joseph has experience tutoring high school and college students in mathematics and biology and has also worked as a private SAT math tutor.

For fun, Joseph enjoys playing piano, international travel, going to the beach, taking long walks, and staying physically active.

Sohail Afiat, Tutor

Sohail has nine years of work experience as a private tutor and test prep instructor in New York, London, San Francisco and Rome, with a background that includes managerial roles, advanced program training, curriculum design, staff training / supervision and boutique service.  His teaching experience allows him to explain difficult concepts in plain and simple language and to break down complex problems into small and manageable steps.  He strives to maintain a fully confident, professional and relaxed demeanor with students, which in turn inspires confidence within them and is essential to their performance.  Over the years, Sohail has established a strong rapport with a number of long-term students, helping them to enter into schools of their choice and develop the skills and self-confidence needed for college and beyond. 

Sohail received his B.A. in Film Studies & Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley and more recently a graduate degree from the UK.  He has taught students at the regular, accelerated and college level, has prepared students for the SSAT, ISEE, SAT I & II, ACT, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement and specializes in most math subjects, including Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.  Some of his accelerated students have gone on to study at universities such as Stanford and Princeton.

In addition, Sohail is an aspiring filmmaker and screenwriter.  His interests include black & white photography, traveling, literature and popular music. 

Pauline Maneepong, Tutor

Pauline was raised in the Thai culture where education is highly valued and is considered a precious gift.  Her love for education can be traced back all the way to her grandfather who was a principal and started his own school, to aunts and uncles who are teachers in Thailand, to her cousins here in the US who are currently teachers. She has always enjoyed working with children and tutoring ever since she was a high school student herself.  She received her B.S. degree in her favorite subject, which is Biological Sciences, from Fordham University.  She later received her Masters degree from New York University in Science Education.

Pauline has passed all the requirements and NY state exams and is currently certified to teach Biology.  She has 2 years experience teaching science in NYC. She enjoys tutoring as it allows her to develop individualized lessons and work closely with students and their parents to achieve goals.  She truly believes that every student enjoys being successful and that learning can be fun and rewarding.

Pauline's other interests include learning the saxophone, parasitology, and dancing.  She also loves animals and enjoys playing with her 2 dogs and cat.

Samantha Debicki, Tutor

Samantha has been most inspired by the teachers in her life whose passion for what they teach is infectious, regardless of whether or not she was initially drawn to the subject matter.  As a tutor, she strives to create a warm, collaborative environment and to help each student develop a personalized “tool kit” that enables him or her to approach challenging assignments with confidence.

Sam graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from Columbia, where she majored in English.  Since graduation, she has worked as a writer, actor, yoga instructor, and film festival producer.  In her view, the underlying connection between these pursuits is the primacy of language and the connection between word (written or spoken) and action.  An English and Spanish tutor, Sam seeks to share her love of language and to help students to express their ideas with clarity and style.   As an SAT tutor, Sam seeks to maximize students’ scores so that they can go on to express themselves with clarity and style at any university they wish to attend!  

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