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New York College-Level Science Tutoring

Biology tutoring, Environmental Sciences Tutoring, Astronomy Tutoring, Chemistry tutoring, and Physics tutoring

Some of us just aren’t science people. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t be a grade A science student!

At Endeavor, while we understand the frustrations and challenges your biology, environmental sciences, astronomy, chemistry, or physics class may present, we also know the best ways of getting you through it: personalizing science. We match you with a private college-level science tutor who can use the way you learn to adapt the material to you, rather than vice-versa.

Whether your looking for Physics Tutoring, Biology Tutoring, Astronomy Tutoring, Environmental Sciences Tutoring or Chemistry tutoring, our New York private tutors and Long Island private tutors can help!

Endeavor's New York College Science Tutoring Coverage:

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Endeavor's Approach to Science Tutoring:

Whether you are looking for an Organic Chemistry Tutor or a Molecular Biology Tutoring, your personalized New York college science tutoring begins with an in-person consultation which aims at assessing your specific needs and goals. Your private tutor will thoroughly review your homework assignments, quizzes, and tests, and will then consult with you about your personal strengths and weaknesses in approaching the variety of topics and questions being covered in your biology, chemistry, or physics class.

With an overarching biology tutoring plan, chemistry tutoring plan, or physics tutoring plan in mind, you then begin a disciplined and comprehensive, yet individually tailored, tutoring program in all of the areas you need to work on, with a constant focus on new material and assignments.

We perfect your ability understand the major concepts and more intricate details of biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, astronomy, or physics and to then apply that knowledge to solving specific problems. Our New York physics tutors will help you move beyond the equations to the heart of the subject and our chemistry tutors will teach you Chemistry's most fundamental rules that will help you decipher the chemical makeup of phospholipids.

Our New York Science Tutors & Long Island Science Tutors

At Endeavor, our private college level science tutors specialize in making science intuitive from biology tutoring to physics tutoring. More specifically, our tutors are PhD. students, medical school students, and recent college graduates from some of our nation’s most prestigious universities including Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Yale, and the University of Chicago. They have also attained the highest scores on their own science-based standardized exams! Some are currently pursuing their PhD. in the science they tutor.

Not only do our private science tutors boast impressive academic credentials, but they have also spent time providing biology tutoring, chemistry tutoring, and physics tutoring.

Finally, our private tutors are adept communicators, explaining difficult concepts in a way that makes sense to you. Their ability to personalize your science assignments comes from our selection process; we choose from amongst our New York private tutors and Long Island private tutors only those whose teaching style best suits your needs and learning style.

Endeavor's students always come first. Our goal is to provide tutoring with superior results both in the short- and long-term. Whether looking for Biology Tutoring, Chemistry Tutoring or Physics Tutoring, your tutor will stregthen your grasp of science and hone your deductive reasoning skills.

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