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New York Social Studies Tutoring & History Tutoring

High School Social Studies is about much more than names and dates. It’s about understanding historical information in context. The ability to utilize pertinent evidence, make insightful interpretations, and argue persuasively has become as important as remembering who, what, where, and when.

Our New York private history tutors and Long Island social studies tutors are information experts. They teach you how to process, remember, and most importantly, make convincing use of the people and events that have shaped our national and global history.

Our Social Studies Tutoring & History Tutoring Coverage:

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Endeavor's Approach to History Tutoring

At Endeavor, students come first. Our goal is to make history both accessible and memorable. We recognize that the most effective way to improve your grades in history class is to deepen your understanding of historical context.

By presenting historical figures, places, and events against the backdrop of political, social, and economic developments, we help you hold on to and appreciate the significance of the historical movements they were a part of, giving you the skills and insight you need to excel in all your history and social studies courses.

Endeavor's Tutors:

Our New York History Tutors & Long Island History Tutors

Our Social Studies tutors specialize in getting history to stick. They make historical events feel meaningful and important, and they make writing about them feel natural and intuitive. Our tutors are selected first and foremost for their exceptional ability to communicate about history, and to help their students improve both their grades and their confidence.

All of our tutors have scored exceedingly well on their own standardized history exams from AP World History to the U.S. SAT Subject Test. But what sets your Endeavor tutor apart, and is a component of the Endeavor Edge, is that we match you with the tutor whose teaching style and method is just right for you.

We're committed to placing you with a New York history tutor or Long Island history tutor who can inspire and motivate, and whose explanations click. We want to make sure that your tutor is a “fit,” so that your time with us proves both extremely effective and deeply rewarding.

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