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Our Approach to Graduate School Admissions

At Endeavor Tutoring and Test Preparation, we believe a good application forges a coherent and persuasive whole.  It must not only communicate who you are, and well, but also demonstrate your “fit” in the schools to which you are applying.  We can help you construct your application in a way that underscores your accomplishments and brings out the traits that make you an exceptional candidate.

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The entire graduate school application process appears extremely daunting at first glance.  You have to do research on universities and their specific departments, prepare for and take the GREs, fill out the often elaborate applications, request signed and sealed transcripts from your undergraduate college, write a statement of purpose, request recommendations from your professors, organize these many pieces, and then make sure that everything actually arrived at its destination.

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Contemplating these many hurdles can be overwhelming, coming, as it so often does, at what is already an unusually stressful time.  If you are a senior in college, you are occupied with having to come up with and write a thesis, finish off required courses, and complete senior seminars, not to mention spend time with your soon-to-be-dispersed group of friends.  If you are in the last year of your master’s program, you also have requirements to satisfy and a master’s thesis to complete. If you are employed, you are most likely busy with time-consuming work obligations. The application process is demanding in and of itself, but it is all the more distressing in view of everything else you have going on in your life. 

Now, to be painfully honest, the entire graduate school application process not only appears exacting. It actually is exacting.  It takes quite a bit of time and not an insignificant amount of money: mailings, taking the GREs, sending out your GRE scores, requesting transcripts, and, finally, the regular application fees, which get as high as $90+ (at Harvard of course).  It requires thorough research, introspection, self-expression, patience, discipline, and organization.

That said, applying to graduate school is far from impossible, and, once you get the hang of it, even simple.

You already have the potential.  What you need is a guide and an ally who can help you realize that potential and make it shine. At Endeavor, our graduate school admissions advisors know what the process demands and how to meet each of its many challenges with overwhelming success. 

We help you…

    • Develop a list of core, safety, and reach universities that match your academic goals.
    • Understand each part of applying in itself and its significance as a part of the process as a whole.
    • Devise a plan of action for tackling each step effectively and punctually.
    • Create a coherent and persuasive application package
    • Organize and stay organized as the process unfolds.

We don't merely believe our approach to applying for graduate school is effective. We know it is.  It has proven itself at universities such as Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, Berkeley, Brown, the University of Chicago, Columbia, Duke, and Princeton. 

You bring the passion, we supply the rest.  Are you ready?

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