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Graduate School Admissions Personal Statement Assistance

With your research complete and your list of schools settled, it is time to begin the statement of purpose.  Of all the different parts of the application, the statement of purpose demands the most time and thought.  It unifies the other components of the application into a narrated whole, and it must be persuasive if it is to be effective. And while there is nothing you can do to change your past grades or the accomplishments you can include on your resume, the statement of purpose is something in your power to perfect.  Along with the GRE, the statement of purpose is the only opportunity you have to work with a clean slate on your application, making the case for yourself and your aspirations in your own words, and not just by way of your record.

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At Endeavor we like to think of the statement of purpose as being divided up into four logical parts, each requiring a response to questions that admissions committees have as they read through your application:

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  • You in the present
    a.      What do you want to study and why?
  • From past to present
    a.      What is your academic history and how, logically, has it led to what you want to study?
  • Merging your future with Institution X
    a.      Why do you want to study at Institution X?  How does our program fit logically into your story of intellectual development?
  • Your Case
    a.      Why should we accept you?  What talents, skills, and past experience do you have that make you prepared to achieve your academic goals and to generally excel in our program?  

Our are standing by to help you think about, answer, and then present your answers to the aforementioned questions in a very clear, concise, and of course, elegant, form.  Our Endeavor consultants know what an effective statement of purpose looks like, and they are intimately familiar with the process of carefully crafting them, which greatly facilitates tutor-tutee communication, and thereby success. 

Once you have finished your generic or seed statement of purpose, our consultants will aid you in customizing it, so that it reflects what each particular school is looking for.  By knowing the programs you are applying to well and then merging your goals and history with what each school has to offer, you exponentially improve your chances for admittance.

Our Endeavor admissions consultants are standing by so give them a call.  While much of the graduate school application process is neither intellectually nor mentally challenging, it does demand both organization and perseverance.  Because there are so many parts, only a methodical approach will prevent you from missing something that could jeopardize your candidacy. 


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