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New York Foreign Languages Tutoring

Some of us just aren’t language people. This doesn’t mean, however, that with some New York Private Tutoring you can’t be a grade A student in your foreign language classes!

Our New York Private Tutoring program recognizes the frustrations and challenges your French, Spanish, or German classes present, yet our they also know the best ways of getting you through it is to personalize the language. By dedicating our attention to the tutor-tutee matching process, we are able to place you with a tutor who can use the way you learn to adapt Spanish, French, German, or whatever foreign language you study, to you, rather than vice-versa.

All of our New York foreign language tutors are fluent in their language, but more importantly they are exceptional New York French tutors, New York Spanish tutors, New York German tutors, and more generally, private New York foreign language tutors. They excel at figuring out exactly how to make the language resonate with you.

Our New York private tutors can help you to tackle the problems you are having at any foreign language level whether it be Spanish tutoring, French tutoring, Latin tutoring, Modern Hebrew tutoring, German tutoring, Italian tutoring, Korean tutoring, or Chinese tutoring.

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Our Private New York Foreign Language Tutors:

Our New York Foreign Language tutors specialize in getting you thinking, speaking and writing in your foreign language of choice. They are animated and expressive. They have either done exceedingly well on their own Foreign Language standardized tests (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, Regents, AP, etc.), or are themselves native speakers of the language, and/or are currently pursuing graduate degrees in a foreign language department.

At Endeavor, our students always come first. Our goal is to provide New York tutoring with superior results both in the short- and long-term. We see improving your language skills as a way to enrich your overall education. Whether you go on to do international work that requires you to speak more than one language, or even end up using your language skills only on vacations, you’ll find that understanding another language and culture gives you a perspective on the world that you will cherish forever.

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