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College Admissions Considerations

The college admissions process can sometimes feel like a cross between a game and a marketing challenge. Try to always keep in mind, however, that the goal is get into a great school where you will thrive. Admissions is about figuring out how to present yourself impressively and persuasively on your application, but it’s about much more than that, too. Your application is the final piece of a process that spans your entire high school career. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your achievements and to make your case for yourself as an exceptional candidate.

The admissions process can appear daunting at first, but there is a great deal you can do to ease the burden. The first is to get started early. Preparing for admissions does require meticulous planning and attention to detail, but much of that planning can and should be done when you are still in your freshman and sophomore years. Our college admissions consulting advisors can help you plan everything from when to take your standardized tests to what courses to take, to which activities to focus on. They are experts at teaching you how to make your interests and talents stand out.

The easiest way to stand out on your application is to stand out in school and in your community during your first few years of high school. Our college admissions consulting advisors can help you figure out what to do, and can then guide you through the process of selecting your target schools, preparing your profile, thinking through what your colleges are looking for, and then crafting an application that showcases your talents and brings out your best qualities and strongest character traits.

Here is a list of the most essential admissions decisions our expert college admissions advisors will help guide you through when applying: