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Our Private High School Admissions Advisors

Inter-personal skills and adaptive teaching styles are as necessary to effective advising as expert knowledge. Our private school admissions advisors have experience working with the city’s most desirable schools, and they boast exceptional educational credentials, but they are also uniquely situated to understand and empathize with the process.

We choose our advisors because they know what it is like to go through the admissions process, and because they know how to help parents shape their children’s application and education in meaningful, compelling ways. Our primary concern in choosing our advisors, above and beyond credentials, is that they be skilled at relating to, communicating with, and assisting you and your child in getting from hopes and ambitions to accolades and acceptance letters.

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Our Private High School Advisors are experts at helping you and your child stand out in their application. In addition to your child’s increased scores and essay-writing abilities, we help mentally prepare both you and your child for what can often be a very stressful process. We make an unusual effort to identify just those traits that will help your child to become a great candidate for admissions to the high school of his or her choice, and then we help him or her to hone and strengthen those traits. Our private school admissions advisors have years of experience working with both children and parents to prepare for private school.

Committed to giving special attention to you and your child’s needs, our highly customized services and attentive one-on-one interaction enables our advisors and you to form a comfortable and productive relationship.  We would be happy to speak with you at any time of day, evening, or night, over the phone or in-person, about you and your child's specific needs.

Contact us and we will help your child get into the school of his or her dreams.

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