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Our New York ACT tutoring is individually designed, and focused in scope. Your New York private tutor specializes in making test preparation intuitive.  At Endeavor, we’re committed to placing you with a private tutor who can inspire and motivate you, and whose explanations click.


  If you've exceled in school yet found aptitude tests like the SAT a challenge, the ACT might just be the test for you. It's designed to test what you've learned in high school and is universally accepted in place of the SAT in the college admissions process!


Breakdown of the ACT:

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Our New York ACT Tutors:

All of our New York ACT tutors are experts at the ACT who scored exceptionally well on their own ACTs, allowing them to stand out at universities such as Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Columbia, among others. 

Not only do Endeavor's New York tutors boast impressive academic credentials, but they also are intimately familiar with the test. Our New York tutors have spent countless hours figuring out the best way to approach the ACT’s distinctive question types, so that you yourself become an expert at finding the right answers efficiently and effectively.

Finally, our tutors are adept communicators, explaining the test in a way that makes sense to you. Their ability to personalize a standardized exam comes from our selection process, in which we choose from amongst our tutors only those whose teaching style best suits your needs and temperament. We’re committed to placing you with a tutor who can inspire and motivate you, and whose explanations click. In other words, we want to make sure that your tutor is a “fit”, because we want your time with us to be both extremely effective and deeply rewarding. 

At Endeavor, our students always come first.  Our goal is to provide tutoring with superior results, both in the short- and long-term.  We see strengthening your grasp of the ACT and securing your mastery over the test as a way to generally hone your analytical skills and improve your learning habits –laying an invaluable groundwork for your future success.

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