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New York AP Tutoring

Taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses can be an excellent way to demonstrate your strength in a given subject and even earn college credit. That said, to enjoy these benefits you need to additionally ace the AP exam at the end of the year. Endeavor's New York AP tutors can help you make an impression on college admissions committees by helping you get the scores you need.

Among other APs, our AP Tutors can help you in any of the following:

The Endeavor Approach to AP Tutoring

The Endeavor approach to AP tutoring begins with finding the right tutor for you. We use our in-person consultation to identify how you learn best and what kind of teaching style you respond to most. With that in mind, we then match you with the best New York AP tutor for you - the AP tutor with whom you maximize your scores.

That said, Endeavor's approach to AP tutoring differs from our approach to other exams. Because AP exams are taken at the end of AP courses, we always begin by going through your readings and assignments for the year to gauge how much your class has covered and how familiar you are with the material. We then divide our own teaching materials into three sections: (1) what you already know, (2) what you’ve learned but need to review, and (3) what you simply haven’t yet been taught but need for the exam. In this way we optimize the efficacy of your prep time and maximize your scores.

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During the sessions that follow, you and your New York AP tutor will develop your skill-set and analytical toolbox unique to the exam or exams you are taking. Practice tests are taken periodically, so that your review is continually updated and fine-tuned. By the end of your disciplined and customized New York AP tutoring program, you will have a rigorous understanding of your test, its parts, traps, and questions types, develop test endurance and a sense of pacing, and master the techniques and strategies that will help achieve on test day.

Our New York AP Tutors

At Endeavor, we stress adaptive communication and are proud of our ability to connect. All of our New York AP tutors have done work in the subjects they tutor at the nation’s most prestigious universities, but what sets them apart is their ability to get through to their students.

Each individual student is the focus and center of our New York AP tutoring program. Our goal is to provide tutoring with superior results both in the short- and long-term. Getting you prepared for your AP exams is a great way to make an impression on college applications, and it’s also a great way to prepare for college-level courses.

At Endeavor, we see improving your scores and your confidence as a great way to enhance your education. By helping you to develop superior study habits and a mastery of essential subjects, we help you lay the groundwork for future success.

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