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New York GMAT Tutoring

Our approach to the GMAT is intensive and comprehensive. After assessing your strengths and weaknesses with an initial diagnostic test, our New York GMAT Tutors construct a complete test preparation program entirely around your schedule and needs.

During the ensuing tutoring sessions, you will complete a rigorous and comprehensive review of all material relevant to the exam. We perfect your ability to recall and fully understand the major concepts and more intricate details of the exam, and to then apply that knowledge to solve specific problems.

We concentrate on developing the writing and problem-solving skills and test-taking strategies unique to the GMAT. Your New York GMAT tutor will help you recall and make the most use of key formulas and reading techniques, as well as focus on the question types and formats that you find most difficult.

We also regularly provide you with practice tests to chart your progress. These tests help familiarize you with the GMAT format and style and prepare you for exam-day conditions. We continuously and diligently review GMAT material, and reinforce your test-taking skills so that you are fully prepared and confident on test day.

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Above all, our New York GMAT tutors are selected for their exceptional ability to translate their own success with the GMAT into outstanding scores for you.  If you want to get into the business school of your choice, what you need is results.

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