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High School Entrance Exams


Endeavor's New York Tutors pride themselves on making test preparationan an intuitive process. High School Entrance Exams are often the first real experience your child will have with a competitive standardized exam.  Getting used to a multiple-choice format can be a challenge, as can building up the endurance needed to work hard all the way through exams that can last 3 hours or more.

Our New York tutors look for ways to translate the strengths in your child’s learning style into quantifiable results.  Because we match you with a tutor who understands and is attuned to your child’s learning style, we can focus directly on the explanations and exercises that work best for your child, making test preparation time more effective, more efficient, and more rewarding. 

Our commitment to the individual needs of every one of our students is uncompromising; It underlies everything we do. Even within exceptionally tight time constraints, we work to ensure that every one of our students gets the maximum benefit from his/her time with an Endeavor New York Tutor.

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 The Endeavor Approach

Every high school entrance exam program begins with an in-person consultation and a diagnostic test. Getting to know your child and his or her testing strengths and weaknesses helps us ensure that we find just the right New York tutor for your needs. After matching your child with a tutor who can adapt to their learning style, we use the results of the diagnostic test to customize the curriculum and develop a strategy to fully prepare your child for test day.

During the ensuing tutoring sessions, students complete a rigorous and comprehensive review of all material relevant to the exam. We perfect the student’s ability to recall and fully understand the major concepts and more intricate details of the exams, and to then apply that knowledge to answer questions and solve specific problems. We concentrate on developing the writing skills, problem-solving ability, and test-taking strategies that are unique to the SSAT test.

At designated intervals in the curriculum, students also take practice tests, which familiarize students with the different sections of their chosen entrance exam and its unique format and style. They also are a way to monitor and evaluate our student’s progress prior to the actual exam. We work continuously and diligently with our students to review the material and refine his/her test-taking skills, so that they are confident and prepared on test day.

Our Tutors

All of our high school entrance exam tutors are well versed in the most effective strategies for approaching the exam. Even more importantly, they're adept at figuring out which strategies and techniques are most effective with your child. Our tutors have extensive knowledge of the SSAT, the ISEE, the COOP, and others, and have spent time teaching relevant material and strategies. They will help your child master all of the content covered on the exam, and will teach him or her the most effective methods to finding the correct answer in the shortest amount of time possible. 

It is our mission at Endeavor Tutoring and Test Preparation to improve our students’ scores, and to inculcate life-long skills that will enable our students to excel in all of their future academic endeavors.

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