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Endeavor's New York SAT tutoring places you at its center, which is why we begin with an in-person consultation where we get to know you, your strengths and weakness, your learning habits, and your short- and long-term goals.  


Once we understand how you learn and what you want to accomplish, we find just the right New York SAT tutor for you. And because we match you with a new york SAT tutor who understands and is attuned to your learning style, your tutor can focus directly on the explanations and exercises that work for you - immediately making your test preparation time more effective, more efficient, and more rewarding. 


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Preparing for standardized testing is a difficult and often stressful process, which is why you need a New York SAT tutor who can keep you motivated and focused, and keep your scores rising. Endeavor SAT tutors specialize in making the SAT intuitive. All of our tutors are experts at the SAT and have scored exceptionally well on their own SATs, a key factor in their acceptances to such schools as Yale, Dartmouth, and Columbia, among others.  


Not only do our New York SAT tutors boast impressive academic credentials, but they also have spent time reviewing, re-evaluating, and most importantly teaching all of the material and strategies covered on the SAT. Intimately familiar with the SAT, our tutors know both the answers and the best way of explaining the SAT’s unique style of questioning, so that you become an expert at finding the correct answers in the shortest amount of time.


Finally, our tutors are adept communicators, explaining the test in a way that makes sense to you. Their ability to personalize a standardized exam comes from our selection process, in which we choose from amongst our tutors only those whose teaching style best suits your needs and temperament. We’re committed to placing you with a tutor who can inspire and motivate you, and whose explanations click. In other words, we want to make sure that your tutor is a “fit”, because we want your time with Endeavor to be both extremely effective and deeply rewarding.


Our students always come first. Our goal is to provide tutoring with superior results both in the short- and long-term. At Endeavor, we see strengthening your grasp of and securing your mastery over the SAT as a way to generally hone your analytical skills and improve your learning habits – laying invaluable groundwork for your future success.

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