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New York GRE Tutoring

Preparing for the GRE

Our approach to the GREs is intensive and comprehensive. After assessing your strengths and weaknesses via a diagnostic test, our New York GRE Tutors construct a complete test preparation program entirely around your schedule and needs.

During the ensuing tutoring sessions, you will complete a rigorous and comprehensive review of all material relevant to the exam. We perfect your ability to recall and fully understand the major concepts and more intricate details of the exam, and to then apply that knowledge to solve specific problems. We concentrate on developing the writing skills, problem-solving skills and test-taking strategies that are unique to the GRE.

We know that you, like everyone else, has points of relative strength and weakness on the GRE. For this reason, at our first meeting, through a diagnostic test and on the basis of a rigorous review of your results, we construct a plan of action specifically tailored to what you need. Even more, through qualitative discussions, we familiarize ourselves with your optimal learning style, so that we can precisely identify the GRE tutor who is right for you.

With your personally selected tutor you, then, work through your customized program of GRE prep. Much like an SAT, though at a higher level, the GRE breaks down into a verbal, a math, and a writing section, each of which have specific question types, each requiring their own specific strategies. Your New York GRE Tutor will help you develop precisely those tools that will allow you to master each question type with speed and accuracy.

As you proceed in your GRE preparation, you take occasional practice exams to ensure that your plan of action is continuously adapting with your evolving mastery. By the end of your GRE program, having honed your test-taking skills, developed a keen sense of pace and testing endurance, you will be ready, full of confidence, to conquer on test-day.

For information about the graduate school admissions process in general, visit the graduate school admissions section of our website.

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The Endeavor Approach to GRE Tutoring

Above all, our GRE tutors are selected for their exceptional ability to translate their own success with the GRE into outstanding scores for their students.

Our New York GRE tutors work with your learning style to figure out what approaches and techniques work best for you, and they focus on teaching the materials in the way that best helps you to master them. They also teach you how to find the correct answers in the shortest amount of time.

Our New York GRE tutors have all scored a 1550 or better on their own GREs, and have been accepted at the nation’s top graduate schools, including, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Princeton, among others.

We at Endeavor Tutoring and Test Preparation offer the highest level of intellectual and academic expertise in the most dynamic and personable form available, and we guarantee superior results. The GRE is an essential step on the road to graduate school. We want to make sure you go into it prepared and confident, and come out of it with a score that helps you get into your dream PhD. or Masters program.

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