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New York LSAT Tutoring

Endeavor's Approach to LSAT Tutoring

More than any other standardized admissions test, the LSAT requires creative problem-solving and significant skill with games and puzzles.

The Endeavor approach to the LSATs is intensive and comprehensive. After we assess your strengths and weaknesses with an initial diagnostic test, our New York LSAT tutors build a test preparation program entirely around your schedule and needs. Law schools want students who can think both deductively and flexibly. After uncovering your most frequent logical pitfalls, we work through the games and puzzles that you find most challenging.

During the ensuing tutoring sessions, we complete a rigorous and comprehensive review of the different problem types you’ll see on the LSAT and the best strategies to solve them. We also regularly provide you with practice tests to chart your progress. These tests help familiarize you with the LSAT format and style and prepare you for exam-day conditions.

We continuously and diligently review LSAT material, and reinforce your test-taking skills so that you are fully prepared and confident on test day.

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Our New York LSAT Tutors

Above all, our New York LSAT tutors are selected for their exceptional ability to translate their own success with the LSAT into outstanding scores for their students. 

Our LSAT tutors have scored exceptionally well on their own LSATs, and are either current law school students or recent graduates at some of the country’s top law schools. They will help you to master all of the content covered by the LSAT, and will teach you how to find the correct answers in the shortest amount of time possible.

We at Endeavor Tutoring and Test Preparation offer the highest level of intellectual and academic expertise, in the most dynamic and personable form available, and we guarantee superior results.

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