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New York MCAT Tutoring

Our Approach to MCAT Tutoring:

Above all, our New York MCAT Tutors are selected for their exceptional ability to translate their own success with the MCAT into outstanding scores for you.  If you want to get into the med school of your choice, what you need from your tutor is results.  All of our MCAT instructors are current medical school students at some of the country’s top medical schools, including Columbia and NYU, and all of our tutors’ students have increased their own MCAT scores significantly.

We know how critical this test is to the success of your Med School application and how important it is to you personally. We also know that you, like everyone else, has points of relative strength and weakness on the MCAT. This is why at our first meeting, through a diagnostic test and on the basis of a rigorous review of your results, we construct a plan of action specifically tailored to what you need. Even more, through qualitative discussions, we familiarize ourselves with your optimal learning style, so that we can precisely identify the MCAT tutor for you.

With your personally selected tutor you will work through your customized program of MCAT prep. As you proceed through the subjects matter and test-taking strategies, you will also take occasional MCATs which ensure that your plan of action continuously adapts with your evolving mastery. By the end of your MCAT program, having honed your test-taking skills, developed a sense of pace and test-taking endurance, you will be ready, full of confidence, to conquer the MCAT on test-day.

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Our New York MCAT Tutors:

Not only are Endeavor New York MCAT tutors experts in the test, they are also remarkable teachers and adept communicators capable of adapting even the most generic of material to you. MCAT experts and expert communicators, Endeavor tutors offer the highest level of intellectual and academic expertise in the most dynamic and personable form available.

With Endeavor tutors on your side, you can be assured of superior results, and with them on our team, we can guarantee it.

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