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The Endeavor Edge

Here are the five special services we use to make your experience with Endeavor even more effective and rewarding:

The In-Person Consultation

We want to get to know you so that we can give a thoughtful, in-depth assessment of how you learn, and match you with the tutor best suited to help you achieve your goals.

 That's why we offer and encourage you to take advantage of our initial in-person, in-home consultation, whether you are looking for Biology Tutoring in New York or Physics Tutoring on Long Island.  This meeting will give you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with us to candidly establish clear objectives, timelines, and expectations for the future. In our experience, this process leads to our greatest success stories, because it enables us to understand your needs as a student.

Endeavor On-Call

Availability. Time and again we have heard both parents and students tell us that their biggest concern is availability. They worry that tutors simply won’t be there when you need one. Our tutors make every effort to accommodate student’s needs and schedules. Nevertheless, such accommodation is not always possible without prior planning, which is why we created Endeavor On-Call, our emergency tutoring and test preparation service.

With Endeavor On-Call, we guarantee you a tutor, any time of day or night, to help you through preparation for a forgotten test or unexpected paper. So if you need last minute Chemistry Tutoring for your Chemistry test tomorrow, you know which New York Tutors to call!

Finding Your Match

We recognize that learning is not only a matter of hearing, reading, and digesting information. For most students, learning is as much about style, method, and presentation as it is about information. Even more, some students for example might be visual learners when it comes to Math Tutoring, but auditory learns when it comes to Writing Tutoring.

At Endeavor, we’re committed to matching you with a New York City Tutor or Long Island Tutor who can inspire and motivate you, and whose explanations click. In other words, we want to make sure that your tutor is a “fit”, someone you can connect with, because we want your time with Endeavor to be both extremely effective and deeply rewarding.

The Team Behind Your Tutor

We see our tutors as more than just specialized educators. The Endeavor tutor is distinctive, because he or she belongs to a highly selective team. And, because we think so highly of them, we offer broad support and attentive oversight. We meet regularly to discuss progress reports, offer advice, and collaborate creatively to solve challenges. With an Endeavor Team behind your Calculus tutor or Algebra tutor, you’ll notice the difference.

Endeavor First-Hand

We take great pride in our team’s personal familiarity with the nation’s most prestigious colleges, universities, and academic programs. We also see that experience as a unique resource. We created Endeavor First-Hand so that our students could speak directly to students and graduates of the schools and programs that most interest them. Endeavor First-Hand arranges calls, conversations, and even in-person meetings between you and current students and alumni whose first-hand experience offer insight crucial to your finding just the right school for you.